Afternoon all.

Now then…this is BIG news for our family.

Our eldest daughter, and hubby have announced they are applying to adopt a child…yeh, wow eh?

And they hope to adopt a child with special, extra needs.

Our lass has 11 years experience of working with a disabled children`s charity and her hubby was brought up in care, then fostered and finally adopted. So between them, they do have a lot of knowledge about the subject.

She has 2 children aged 16 and 12 and they are both keen to go ahead.

So I am excited and am wondering who our new grandchild will be. There is a kiddie out there somewhere, who is gonna have a lot of love and support from a new family.

And I already love him or her and look forward to our first meeting.

Happy Christmas wherever you are!




Thank you. Pollx

What a lovely couple. I worked with special people for over 10 years children and adults they are brilliant in their own special ways, so rewarding. Hope it happens early for everybody and not all the red tape that can make it take so long.

That is fantastic news Poll.

What an amazing thing to do. Look forward to your future stories about him or her. I don’t know why but I was thinking a boy

How exciting.


That’s wonderful news, you must be so proud of your daughter, her husband and their children for welcoming someone into their lives. I hope the adoption goes smoothly for them.

Jan x

Brilliant news Poll - you must be so proud of your daughter - another to add to your warrior clan

JBK xx

thats a fantastic thing for them to do,how happy a home they will give to a little one theres plenty of love waiting for him or her .


thankyou everyone. everytime I talk about it, I get teary eyed.

Blossom…yeh I picture a little boy…and I call him Little Jimmy! or maybe Tommy.

much luv Polxx

What lovely news! How lucky a little child will be to be welcomed into such a fantastic family! A really heartwarming piece of news, brought a tear to my eye!

Freckles xxx

lovely news polly

you have a good heart, a big heart and that child will be blessed with love.

my eyes are filling up now and my emotions are not usually so near the surface

carole x