big news

As an honoury member on this board, I must share my news with you all.

Our eldest daughter and son in law have announced I am to be a grandma again…by adoption!

And they want to adopt child with special needs.

She has worked for a disabled childrens charity for 11 years and he was in care and adopted, so they do know a lot of what its about.

I keep picturing a kiddie out there somewhere, who is going to join our family…and

I already love him or her to bits!

Innit lovely!


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Ah Polly that is such wonderful news!!!

I always think it must be so lovely to adopt a child with special needs. Talk about life-changing for that child… yes out there somewhere little knowing that a new mummy and daddy are getting ready for them.

Congratulations Poll. Another little grandchild!!!

Lots of love and hope you’re doing well,

Pat xx

Hello Polly,

This is how saints are created. I have had the pleasure of teaching many children with special needs over the last 30 odd years and have great admiration for those who have adopted or fostered such precious little people.

It is a very honourable selfless commitment to make and I already know he or she will have a wonderful grandmother.

Best wishes, Steve x

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Polly that is great news, give them big hugs from us in Margate. That has made me all warm and glowing with a huge smile on my face.


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That is so lovely, your daughter and son-in-law are wonderful. When my son was born with Downs and was in the special baby unit there was a nurse who said that her son had special needs too. I asked her how she felt when he was born (at the time I was numb) and her answer was “It was different for me because I adopted him knowing that he had special needs”. This helped me to accept more the situation I was in.

Moyna xxx

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Hi Polly, thank god for families like yours, I started the fostering process 19 months ago however I was clear that I just wasn’t able to foster a child with complex physical disabilities, as a social work trainee many years ago my mentor was aware that I fell apart when it came to this, he made me promise to spend a full day in a school for physically disabled children I lasted 3hrs and completely broke down crying. Of all the travesties and disabilities/special needs I’ve never been any help in this group.

I take my hat off to your daughter,son in law and children.

Pauline xx

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Aw shucks, cheers everyone. Pass the tissue box!

I am excited…just sooooo chuffin` excited!

luv Granny Pollxxx

ps some years ago, this daughter gave me a cushion with these words embroidered on it;

A Mother`s Heart Is A Place## Where Children Always Have A Home

then a couple of years ago, she gave me a plaque with these words etched on it;


Winston Churchill

I havent and I hope none of you ever do.

luvya loads, Polly xxx


Hi Polly

Oh that’s lovely to read, brought a tear to my eye. I can understand how excited you must feel to have another grandchild on the way.

My daughter has worked in a school with little ones who have special needs for 21 years, and she says there is nothing more rewarding than working with these ‘special’ children, I feel sure your daughter and son in law will feel the same.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Pam x

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Hi Polly,

That’s wonderful news, they must be very special people.

Hope you all have a really good Christmas,

Love Nina x