Good News

Our daughter in law surprised us earlier she is home from Qatar for the summer our son has got to work but he was home without her for ten days a while back. Cant have everything but at least we got Facetime most days. XX


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Well Don at least it spreads out your family time.

Because I live over 200 miles away from anyone in my family (it may as well be 2000) the moments we spend together are priceless. But it’s great when we;re all together and the stick is flying about my dad’s living room just like the old days.

Good wishes.

Oh Steve when our three get together they revert to childhood and it always ends in tears for GROWN UPS With kids our daughters can be extremely childish. Mr and my siblings would never be childish we are the adults


Don it’s so good to hear your news, families are so precious my son’s were over from Glasgow with their in-laws a couple of weeks ago and we had a big get together having had seven children our house is full to bursting when they are all there with there family’s and the twin granddaughters too. Thankfully ours all get on but they still revert to being children…they had a giant waterfight in the garden it was crazy. Take care Don and Steve too. Michelle and Frazer xx