no new grandchild afterall

Morning all!

You may remember me telling you that I was very excited to learn that my daughter and son in law were trying to adopt a child…a child with special needs?

Sadly I have to tell you that it isn’t going to happen after all.

I can only say that is due to personal reasons, which I can’t discuss openly.

My family is disappointed, but maybe there is a blessing in disguise that we haven’t seen yet.

Love Poll.

hi poll

sorry that your new grandchild isn’t going to happen.

is your daughter trying for a baby?

like you say, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise but the disguise must seem so strong!


carole xxx

Awww Poll. You all must be so disappointed.

Perhaps this has happened for a reason and hopefully your daughter and son in law may get good news through another avenue. I hope so hun.

Shazzie xx

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Poll.

But we had a “What if?” thread, only recently, that dealt with the subject of never knowing if the things we think we wanted really would have turned out as well as they did in our mind’s eye.

So you may be right there’s a reason it was never meant to be. We can’t know what that reason is, and if they’ve missed out on a perfect happy ending, or what would have turned out to be only heartbreak. Without getting religious about it - which I’m not, especially - you have to hope that everything happens for a reason, don’t you?

No idea where that leaves MS or HSP. Can’t see a reason for those. I’d like to think there is one mere mortals couldn’t understand, but I don’t believe all that: “making me a better person” malarkey. I think I’m still me, but grumpier. How’s that an improvement?



ls fostering out of the question Poll. You would make a loverly granny for a child with no stable family.

no, Frances. It`s all off. Thanks everyone. No trying for a baby naturally either,



You have your new baby - Sophie - she will bridge that gap.

Yeh, she does that in spades.