Hi, I hope I dont upset anyone with this thread, but I am wondering what others think.

I`ve just replied to het666 on the caring board.

It is a sad post with quite upsetting content.

Would anyone care to take a look and see what you reckon, eh?

I feel sorry that one person`s experience should be quite so devastating.

luv Polx


Tough read of het666 post. It seems to me like so many things, individuals and families are so diverse that there is no “right” or “wrong” In my opinion decisions of this magnitude should be discussed to get as many valid views as possible to try and get a consensus that works for as many of the people concerned. Sorry for fence sitting - OK here goes, for ME I am glad we did not have kids (we are lucky to have god children , nieces and nephews) If having children was on our agenda now I would probably avoid it although for others it might be perfect. Like I said NO RIGHT or WRONG

Hope I have not annoyed anyone.


Thanks Mick. Yeh, it is a difficult one to ponder upon.


I’ve just put my (childless) view into the discussion. Again, I hope no one is offended by my comments. Apologies is so. It is a difficult and personal decision and as Mick says, there is no right or wrong.


I was dx 8 years ago and had already had my children aged 36,34,and 27. I don’t know if any of them will go on to have ms, time will tell. Thankfully my progression is slow but I don’t have a crystal bowl so have no idea what it’s going to like in 10 years time. I am very thankful I was never dx when the girls were little so they have had a normal life. All I know is I would never be without them. My symptoms date back to when my youngest was born but they have been really mild until recently.

My eldest two have children of their own but we don’t dwell on what’s going to happen in the future. Shit happens you just have to get on with it. My family is my world that won’t change. Would I have had kids if knew I was going to get ms? Maybe not! But I would have missed out on such a lot of fun with three terrific human beings.

Mags xx

Hi, mick you certainly haven’t annoyed me and I have 6 children, there is no right or wrong answer everyone makes there own decision.

i will say that I have some abled body family members that are crap parents and if there children don’t end up in therapy it will be a miracle.

ann x

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I was diagnosed after my kids were born but still very young. Progression to that point was very slow, but rapid since their birth. I wonder if having them made my ms worse o r whether it would have followed this pattern anyway. I don’t know whether I would have had them if I had known I had MS. But now I can see how their lives are affected by it and it breaks my heart, even though I think they do have a full life and are happy and healthy. If they ever get this I will be devastated. What can you do? It wasn’t a choice thing.

slug…we can do chuff all,…it certainly was not a choice thing! Get has had some good relies.

Thank you everyone for your contributions on this emotive subject.