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Hello I was wondering if anyone can help us. Me and my husband have been trying for a child for four years. I,ve had ms since I was 21 and I’m 40 next year.

we started Ivf but we never got that far because they wanted me off all my meds which is not an option but I did reduce them as much as I could. But the biggest problem was they just stopped answering our phone calls and never said why they stopped treatment.

when This failed, we tried to adopted. We tried about ten agencies and got turned down. One company agreed and we got past stage one then it went wrong and they start fixating on my Ms. They couldn’t see passed it.

I work full time. My health is good and I walk. I look normal. I Go to the gym every week, so we don’t know what else we can do ???.

Me and my husband just want to know if anyone else has had similar problems. Any ideas what we can do next. We can’t afford A surrogate. I am a teaching assistant and have worked with children since 2003.

please help us.


hi B

write to your mp and tell him what you told us.

maybe you could foster which could pave the way for you to adopt.

maybe you could adopt an older child.

it just sound plain wrong for you to be turned down due to a long term condition.

let us know what happens

carole x

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Hi B

That sounds awful. I did IVF and my experience was nowhere near yours. I ony had to come off of treatment when we got to the implanting an embryo stage (i think i was off it about 4 weeks before that). Also my neuro said he would counteract me being off treatment with a course of steroids in the middle (before pregnancy). Although I will say my neuro did want me to wait until i had completed both rounds of lemtrada but we didnt want to wait 2 years for that to happen. What treatment are you on?

I dont know the rules/laws about adoption. But, I would defo take the advice above and contact your MP. I mean, I cant see how having MS would mean you cannot adopt…

Thank you so much for replying to our post it means a lot to me and my husband.

We have decided to look into getting a surrogate and freezing our eggs. We just need to work out payment.

We had not considered writing to our MP I think that is a great idea and something that we will do so no one else goes throught what we have.

Again thank you for your advice and help. Goodluck with your if treatment we really hope it works for you.

my medication is manly gabapentin and one for bladder. I do have tramadol as well 3times a day for pain. I am very lucky I don’t take many meds right now.

good to hear back from you.

there is talk of the general election maybe happening sooner, so MPs are looking for brownie points.

all the best

carole x

hello i know it’s been a long time since I posted anything on the site. Me and my husband had some really good fortune and found a doctor that would do IVF treatment and i luckily got pregnant at our first attempt. I am now 6 months pregnant and the specialist doctors want me to have a caesarean section. The debate right now between all the doctors and our selves is which would be best a full anaesthetic or to have a block i.e an epidural for the operation.

I have had full anaesthetic in the past but I have never had a block before. No one knows if either cause ms attacks and what will happen

I was wondering what other people have decided to do and what has happened to them.

Again Thank you so much for any advice you can give.


Congratulations - that is amazing news!

Our baby was also an IVF baby, and I was going for a natural delivery (I don’t think I am allowed to call it that these days but you know what I mean) but I had a lazy baby, who was 15 days late when I was finally induced. I laboured for 3 days and ended up with an emergency c-section. I had an epidural, I was told by my neuro that there was no link between having an epidural and a relapse prior to having her. I personally would have opted for the epidural over the GA as I would want to remember her being born - although I wasn’t offered a general anyway. It was an amazing experience, and I hope yours will be too.

Obviously a c-section is a big surgery, take advantage of any help given to you afterwards. And try not to worry - worrying wont change anything that may/may not happen and having a baby is such a magical experience I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. If you want to ask any questions about my experience feel free - I dont mind sharing. I would talk about giving birth and having newborns for days if I could.

Obviously you have to come back online here when baby is born and tell all xx

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Hi thankyou so much for replying it was a great help. Thank you