Adoption with MS

I have rrms and have been trying to adopt with my husband. We have been through the whole process and even been to panel only to be turned down due the MS. They think that I will develop secondary progressive within the next 15 years and that this would not be fair on the child who would then be my carer. We really don’t know where to go from here. I understand that there has never been an adoption where the main carer is the parent with MS and was wondering if anyone had been through a similar experience and could offer some advice - it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi hufhughes I’m sorry you’ve not had any replies. Have you had any luck possibly going through the process again? I’m new to all this and have only just started the process. It’s my fiancé that has been diagnosed with MS so it would be me as the primary carer. I spoke with the adoption agency and they said MS wouldn’t count against us. I hope you’ve had better luck since this post.