MS and adoption

OK here goes…I’m 37 and two years ago my legs went numb and I was diagnosed with transverse Myletis. I had two scans, brain and spine both showing lesions. I was offered a lumber puncture to get a diagnosis but stupidly refused because I didn’t want to, I felt so well. Two years on I have just been back to neuro for routine following up and he wants to send me for another round of scans and says if it shows more lesions I will start drugs. I understand this is the sensible thing to do as he pointed out research has show it’s good to start drugs ASAP. BUT scan is in six weeks! we are being assessed for adoption and we go to panel for our decision in mid May. Same time as scan!! I have told assessing social worker about my 'health scare ’ as I call it but as i am so well now I don’t worry about it, she doesn’t know I have now been sent for more scans. What if I get diagnosed with MS? I am scared they then won’t let us adopt?? Does anyone else know of anyone who has adopted even though they have MS? I am confident I can care for a child well and already have 8 year old but what if I get really ill? What would you do?

Hi Vicky

Many of my foster children have gone on to “forever homes” from me. I presume you have already had your assessment medical. Usually on the fostering/adoption panel there will be a doctor and panel members will ask any questions they have and the panel will make a decision. It is rare indeed for a social worker to take a family for approval if there is any doubt in their minds but ultimately the panel decides. Even as seasoned carers we had to be re-approved every year and every year both my husband and I had medicals. Even if approved for adoption the process of placing children is a lengthy one and you will by that stage know the outcome of your scans and can make a decision that is best for you at that stage. Please do not fret - it’s not good for you. Remember the panel will be looking for a caring loving environment in which a child will thrive and the perfect family does not exist! I have friend with mobility issues and she has adopted twice and is a foster carer as well. Good luck.