Possible MS and adoption?

HI everyone? I was diagnosed with Transverse Myletis last year and MRI’s showed lesions in spine and brain. Neurologist said 90% chance its MS. He wanted to do lumber puncture but I felt so well last autumn that I cancelled it (terrified of the procedure too). I was also about to start a round of ivf so my mind was elsewhere and could not of been put on any drugs anyway. So it’s now the following summer, the ivf failed and I feel really unwell. Nothing I can put my finger on, but got run down a few weeks ago after a few late nights camping and drinking with friends, I got a massive coldsore (always a sign for me that I’m run down) and more significantly my legs started buzzing and feeling weak again, they didn’t go numb like they did last time, just weak and buzzing for about a week, they now are feeling better but I feel so tired and fuzzy headed. If its the same symptoms is it a relapse? The doctor did give me a ms nurses number which I have tried but no answer and can’t leave a message. My next appointment with neuro is next feb! My question to you all is do you think I should be pushing to get a proper diagnosis and get on some drugs? I am only 36 and we want to go for adoption but I am worried how an ms diagnosis might effect that? Thanks for listening.

Hi, your post interested me, so I googled the subject.

I think the forums I found are possibly american, therefore the rules wont be the same as here.

But it seems that if your GP thinks you could look after children, then that has a lot of sway.

What about googling the paperwork and you might find your answer, eh?

It is a long time till Feb, for your next neuro appointment. I think you could do with seeing him sooner. If you cant get in touch with your MS nurse (I think its awful that you cant even leave a message), try ringing your neuros secretary and say you`d like an earlier appointment if poss.

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This might reassure you about adopting with MS:

I suspect that your current symptoms are a pseudo-relapse: basically what feels like a relapse, but is brought on by a virus, infection, temperature, etc. Given that the cold sore means that your herpes virus is active, this might well be exacerbating your TM symptoms. If it gets worse or you get new symptoms, then persevere with the MS nurse - it might be a relapse :frowning: In the meantime, LOTS of rest!

I hope it clears soon.

Karen x