Ropinirole -Restless Legs

Hi hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine whilst it lasted or maybe it’s still shining in your neck ‘o’ the woods? I was due to return to work this week phased return …but due to stiffness spasms twitches and the like and the lovely warm weather yesterday resulted in me being unable to bend my legs and flex feet without being in blooming agony. FINALLY today I was prescribed ‘Ropinirole’ which I am hoping will sort out the dithering legs buzzing etc etc but most of all hope I am more mobile. Just wondered if anyone has been prescribed this and if so did it help and what symptoms did it help with for you? I hadn’t heard of this particular medi… Michelle x :slight_smile:

Sorry giving it a cheeky little BUMP

Hi Michelle

Ropinerole is prescribed for “restless legs”, and is also used for Parkinsons Disease. The specialists like it because it can be given with Sinemet (the standard for Parkinsons) without a problem.
My wife (with PD) had Ropinerole added to her meds, and it certainly took care of the restlessness - to the point where she was getting a decent night’s sleep again.


Hi D.Geoff Ta for the reply…Unless it’s a placebo effect , today 'am not as stiff and held a spoon in my left hand without dropping it…although it’s a cooler day today so that helps with my symptoms… If it works for me I’ll be doing cart wheels at work (well maybe not quite) :slight_smile: Mich x