I have been taking a high dose of ropinirole for leg spasms for several years. Is there any one else who has been prescribed this medication?

I know of two people who use it, but I’m not in regular contact with them and don’t know anything about how well it works. Why do you ask?

It suppresses my spasms very well but has side effects as all drugs do. I just wanted to find out whether it has worked for others and how they coped with this drug.

I think they both get on with it OK, but we are all very different and, if it isn’t working as well for you, then you could ask to try alternatives. If I see them any time soon, I’ll ask for you. Kx

I’ve suffered with restless legs syndrome and bought Ropinirole 1mg from here This drug made me wonders and the only side effect I’ver noticed is drowsiness. Long drives, movie theaters, seminars and flights are all things I can’t do without loading up on the medication beforehand.

My consultant prescribed ropinirole when i wasn’t diagnosed with MS and he felt I had restless legs. It made my quality of life immediately much better. Like you say I could go to theatres, on planes etc without feeling the need to get up and walk around. As my MS has progressed my restless legs are more like spasms but my consultant still feels I have restless legs.