Anyone on Ropinirole for restless legs? What dose?

Has anyone been prescribed Ropinirole for restless legs? Or for twitchy legs, waking you up at night? Are these different things? (That’s a wider question, I know, and if anyone knows the answer, I would be very keen to hear.)

If you are on Ropinirole, what dose are you taking? Was this the starting dose?

Final question, did your GP prescribe, or did you have to go to any neuro?

Thanks to anyone who can answer any of these questions.

Sorry about this, just trying to bump this thread back up the list

I’m not on it, but my wife is.

It was prescribed by a GP after a consultant had requested it, This is a starter dose - don’t know how big, will check later - and she was told that it was compatible with the Dopamine compounds (Sinemet) that she take for Parkinsons (and that it can be used as an alternative to Sinemet),

It did fix the restless legs very quickly, and she has not noticed any side effects.


Thanks Geoff - could you let me know the starter dose please?

I saw Ropinirole mentioned as a drug for restless legs on this forum - but it seems that it is rarely given to people with MS who have restless legs. We generally seem to get Clonazepam or Baclofen, even though there are downsides to both of these drugs. I’m waiting to see if there are downsides to Ropinirole. My GP is fine to prescribe it to me.

Hi there ,i have been on Ripinerole for about 10 years now i think i started on 2 tablets a day i now take 5 1mg and 5 10 mg of Baclofen it seems to work ok i hope this helps Ivan.

Ropinerole for restless legs - starter dose according to the BNF is 250micrograms, and this can be increased all the way up to a max of 2mg at night and 4mg total daily. It can go a lot higher for Parkinsons patients if used on its own.


Hi, I used to take 300mg of quinine at night for restless legs. They worked. I dont need `em now, as the problem has gone.


Interesting to hear about the quinine - I don’t think you can have HRT and Ropinirole and I have the idea that experiencing reduction in hormones is a bad idea if you have MS. So I might try quinine when I reach that stage, if I still have restless legs then. Nice to hear that for some people, the problem goes away.

I’m experiencing bad cramp & spasms in my left leg (my weak side). I wake up and my leg is fixed bent at the knee. It takes me ages to straighten it and it’s SO painful. I take Pregabalin and have tried Baclofen which makes no difference at all. HELP!

Just a quick update:

1 - my wife is on 2mg Controlled Release Ropinerole. I guess that this is a starter for Parkinsons victims who are also on the Dopamine variants as well.

2 - she was on Quinine a few years back. I stopped that after two days. She was on some other planet - recovery was only about 24 hours, luckily.

It’s the same old story - if it works for you, that’s great. If you don’t have side effects. that’s great Otherwise … … …