Any experience of Ropinirole ?

Hi, just restarted Ropinirole as my gp wouldn’t prescribe anything else until I had given this a chance! (Last attempt gave me horrible constipation - even worse than normal and sickness (most if the day) so I gave up after a couple of weeks) Does anyone know how long these side effects may last for ( I know everyone is different) - my gp thinks they should go when I get used to the tablets! I absolutely hate feeling nauseous (I know it will be good for my diet though!). I also feel dizzy, have headache from hell and generally cr@p! I know these are usual ms symptoms but I have been feeling really well over the summer (almost forgot about ms!) Side effects with me are usually a bit extreme as I have renal failure as well but these seem a bit too much to cope with (or am I giving up too easily these days!?)

Never heard of it - what is it for?

Moyna xxx

It’s a Parkinson’s drug prescribed for restless crampy legs. I’m beginning to think my leg problem is better than the supposed cure! But it really does help my legs at night - why is nothing simple?