Rollz Motion Performance

Hi has anyone tried the Rollz Motion Performance?

This is a rollator which converts to a wheelchair and is suitable to use outside on grass, cobbles etc.

I am considering purchasing one but would love to hear from anyone that has used this rollator. They are expensive so I cannot afford to make a mistake!


Hi, I haven’t tryed the same make but I trial run a rollator trionic it was round about the same price but decided not to buy it because it was much harder to move than my cheap roller, can’t you have one on trial for a while just too see how you get on with it? I live in France and contacted the OT so I could have it just on trial to see if I liked it but perhaps it will be different in the UK, hope you get something sorted I decided to try and get an electric trike instead but thats even more expensive! but I can’t drive anymore so would be a replacement

Thank you for replying. The Rollz has much bigger wheels and is therefore supposed to be much easier to move.
Having bought a scooter and finding it not suitable I am very nervous about making another mistake!

There was a thread on Rollators and alternatives a few months back. I would be reluctant to buy anything out of the ordinary without trying it out (or at least something very similar). As a result of the thread I tried out a Topro. Couldn’t find the particular model so had to order online. For my particular circumstances I found the ATR to be great. I tried it out across some fields and managed to walk further than I have for ages. Easier to traverse a strange place than coming to an unexpected kerb. However the scooter would win on a longer trip.