RLS is driving me NUTS, how to stop?

Hi guys, does anyone else struggle with Rentless Leg Syndrome, especially at night? These last few weeks have been horrible for me, and I’ve even managed to pull and injury my leg muscles with these horrible spasms. I really don’t know what to do to help. I already struggle with horrible fatigue, I need my sleep.

My wife used to suffer quite badly with RLS, the only things that she found to help were Magnesium Oil, (rubbed on/in), a Cold Gel type muscle rub, and I once cooked something which had quite bit of root ginger in and that also seemed to stop them.

I used to buy Magnesium Chloride flakes and make the oil, (just mix with water) the Cold Gel can be bought as is (eBay) I did make some ginger tea as an experiment but she found that it only really worked for a few days, not long term, (and istr that it caused other problems like an increased need to wee).

There are many other things that have been used/proposed as a cure/respite, one of them may work better for you, some of them seem fairly ridiculous, ( a bar of Ivory soap under your pillow) but one of them may work for you.

Magnesium spray. Holland and Barrett sell it. Spray in your palm and massage in to wherever you need it. Brilliant stuff.