Restless legs syndrome

I have rrms and have suffered from mild and sporadic rls usually controlled by amiltriptylene. I have recently had knee replacement surgery and my rls is now severe and almost constant. Amiltriptylene is no longer effective. Has anyone had this issue and do they know if it is likely to be temporary. I’m not getting any sleep so feeling quite desperate!

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Hi Wendy sorry to hear you are struggling with your Rls. so many nights sleep lost .its the twitching and restlessness at rest. i have struggled with this most of my life tbh its horrific. Gabapentin might help not sure it never seems to give up tbh maby ask your gp for help hun :blush:

Magnesium sorted the problem for me and is a beneficial mineral, so no harm in trying.

Hi i have restless leg syndrome, i take Ropinirole it’s a drug used for Parkinson’s it really helps i couldn’t be without it.
It’s used in a small dose for rls hope this information helps.

Try medical cannibas. Works for me