Rib numbness

I have recently had a confirmed diagnosis of MS following relapse after 4 years. My initial symptom was numbness on one side of my body at front of my rib cage. Still persists, MRI showed large patch of demyelination on thoracic spine. I read so much about leg and arms symptoms, the MS hug but none about my symptoms. Has anyone else had the same?

my earliest symptom was numb feet.

they still are but also painful. (how can you be numb if you hurt so much?)

just one of the joys eh?

we are all unique (the human race)

we are especially unique (humans with MS)

well at least we are not common!


We are all beautiful snowflakes. Each one of us is different. So we may share some symptoms, or none. Sometimes all we share is the diagnosis of MS.

Are you being given a disease modifying drug (DMD)? If you’ve not had that conversation yet, perhaps you should raise it with your MS nurse (assuming you have one), or your neurologist. The idea of a DMD is that it reduces the number and severity of relapses. This is a good resource for finding out about the different drugs:

Best of luck.