Are these typical MS symptoms?

Hi, I have been looking through some of the threads on this forum over the past couple of weeks trying to find some answers. I have been having lots of different symptoms what I think are typical of MS. I have spent time looking on the Internet and self diagnosed which is probably the worst thing I could have done as I have made myself ill worrying about this. I have been light headed and feeling dizzy over the past 4 weeks or so and been backwards and forwards to the doctors who have gave me tablets for vertigo. The tablets are not doing anything to help the dizziness however I am persevering and taking them anyway. Over the last ten days My forehand and chin went numb for a few hours the other night and then this numbness disappeared, I have had numbness in my right forearm and coming and going in my right thigh, calf and side of my right foot. This hasn’t been all the time and mainly on a night when I am sitting watching TV. I had a couple of nights last week where I felt like my full body was tingling and on fire. My front teeth have been really sensitive over the last few days on and off and I had a stabbing pain under my left ribs and then a tight feeling which felt like indigestion which I presumed was the MS hug after reading about it. I haven’t had any muscle weakness, problems with walking, my eyes are fine. I had an appointment with a neuro that I paid for because I am so worried and he checked my reflexes, eyes etc etc and said everything seems fine and I have decided to pay private for an MRI too just because of these symptoms I am experiencing.

I have read about all of these symptoms but not sure if these would all happen together in the space of 7/10 days. Am I just imagining it after reading all of these online, would everything happen together within this space of Time? Has anyone else been in this situation? I am goin out of my mind with worry. X

It is very reassuring - or, at least, it should be very reassuring - that the neurologist examined you and found not much amiss.

It would be a good idea for you to have a conversation with yourself about what kind of reassurance you would be prepared to accept. For instance, if the planned MRI revealed nothing of consequence, would that do? I just think that it would help you to calm yourself if you had a clear point at which you were determined to say OK, that will do for now. It might help to put some sort of mental boundary around the fear: open-ended fears are the hardest to manage. I think it is a very good idea to seek advice from the experts when one is worried about health - much better than letting worries fester in the dark - but that’s only any good when one is prepared to accept their verdict.

In the meantime, I would suggest keeping a diary of symptoms and, beyond that, spending as little time and resource as you can thinking about it. And leave Dr Google alone if you can.

Good luck.


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