I have been suffering from some numbess all down left side of torso. I noticed the sensation on Saturday and It is still there. Could this be a symptom of MS. I have an appointment tomorrow to see neorologist and hopefully after all this this time waiting I will get some help. I was feeling so good for 5 days prior to this and thought that was the end of this relapse. So hopefully, please can someone let me know if the numbness down my torso is a symptom. Thank you


I’m afraid it could be. I have numbness in most parts of my body due to ms. But check it out when you see the neuro to get a proper opinion.


Yes it can be. It is my most prevalent symptom. But it can also be caused by other things. Hope t goes well with your appointment xx

Thank you Mary, I suspect It could be. I had the same symptom many years ago, but never for a minute did I relate it to ms then, just carried on until I suffered strokes. They were diagnosed due to paralysis all down left side.

Thanks Amanda. xx