Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has ever had one side of their body go numb for a second or two and then stop. This happened to me a year and a half ago, before i was diagnosed with MS, they thought I had a stroke. Even though I could walk, talk and move everything. This happened yesterday to me. I called my neurologist. He said its a MS symptom, i was not having a stroke nor did I have one before. I have a little bit of a temp now because im fighting a cold right now and he said since im overheated that could have caused it. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this.

hi chele

i had something similar when i was 17.

i woke up with flu and went to the loo.

mum saw me and made a brew then insisted that i got dressed.

we ended up at the gp’s surgery because mum thought i’d had a stroke.

i had it again a few years later, this time my gp told me it was bell’s palsy.

i had lots of strange ailments all my life. got diagnosed with ms in 2008 at age 50.

so you’re just having a common ms symptom.

get loads of rest.

carole x