Numb chin...

I know this sounds a bit odd (what isn’t with MS?!) but for the last week or two I’ve had a numbness in my chin that comes and goes. It’s really annoying and possibly contributing to me pouring my drink down my front three times when I went to the pub the other day, wouldn’t be so bad but everybody knew that I was sober!

Anyway, I assumed this was just another stupid symptom but having made the mistake of Googling it there are various illnesses that can be highlighted by a numb chin. Does anyone know how common this is in MS? Would hate to assume something’s MS and then it turns out to be something else…

Many thanks

Becky x

Hi Becky,

MS can cause numbness anywhere, including face and/or mouth. I realise this probably isn’t very helpful, as it can’t prove that a specific numbness definitely IS MS. I’m assuming you’re a diagnosed person, in which case my money would be on the MS. But you’re right we should be cautious about assuming everything always is.


Thanks Tina, yes, should have said that I was diagnosed 6 years ago but most of my problems have been mobility and spasm related. I’ll keep an eye on it and, bizarrely, hope that it is MS, maybe use a straw in public! x

My left hand side of my face, nose, lips, tongue and chin went numb at one point - all lasting for a couple of months.

my face went numb dec 2010 which led to my dx last march and roof of mouth is still numb 15 months later