Tingling lips

My lips are tingling. Perhaps it is the amount of gin i am drinking.!!! Not sure if I enjoying it or not. i mean the tingling lips definately enjoying the gin!!! Is this a symptom of ms? Anyone else get this? Many thanks for any replies Min xx

My husband has numbness around his lips, he has had tingling lips in the past but these days he does not feel anything. Always assumed it was MS related…

I used to find that when it happened to me, it was usually my body telling me that I am tired and need to stop, shoud I say that I should have stopped ages ago. Definitely MS for me Min


I have a tingling from the middle of my forehead, down around my nose and covers all of my chin. At the same time I have tingling lips, upper inside of mouth has pins and needles and tougue is numb. Definately not an experience I would recommed when trying to eat and drink. Most definately MS, as far as i’m concerned anyway.

yes i have tingling lips too as well as tingling feet, hands, tongue etc

it must be the ms

carole x

Thanks guys Min xx