numb Tongue

Hi, everyone I have been diagosed with MS for about 8 years now and my symptoms have got worse over the last 12 months and I am now walking with a stick which I am coping fine with. Over the last few days my tongue has started to go numb down one side of it and just wondered if this could be a symptom as well.

Thanks for reading


Hi Elle,

I haven’t had a numb tongue personally but know of friends who have had this. I am at present having occasional tingles on the right side of my tongue which feels very strange and I have assumed it’s just another symptom.

l would tell your MS nurse if you have one or if not your GP.

Love Wendy


Hi yes I get a numb tongue every now and then, I have PPMS and this has been going on since I was diagnosed in 1996. I told my Consultant but I don’t think there’s anything they can do about it. Just remember not to bite the numb side or ouch.


Hi Elle.

Had this once tears ago lasted about a month,never had it since then.pretty sure it was MS.

Out of intrest why post Anonymous,then sign your name.

Take Care.


Hi all ,

Thanks so much for all your comments , really appreciate it :slight_smile: and didnt realise i had clicked on Anonymous :slight_smile:

Cheers Elle x