Can't be positive any more!!!!

I was diagnosed in 2011 and I haven’t been to bad until summer last year work got really stressful. One of the symptoms I’ve got is the right hand side of my tongue is numb. It is just sensory so far but I’m totally freaking out about what happens if your tongue looses motor function. I know I’m worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet but I don’t see a neurologist for another 6 weeks and I have no MS nurse or anything like that at the mo. I’m usually pretty positive and a total fighter but starting to feel like this illness is ‘getting’ me now! :frowning:

Hi I know it is hard not knowing what the future will bring, but I guess no one knows what it will bring, ms or not. My first symptom was a numb tongue in 2010. My gp was unsure what was causing it and said come back if it gets any worse. I felt daft enough going in first place to say I had a numb tongue, especially as we both got giggles when i tried to explain the problem with my tongue still sticking out, it still gives me giggles now at how big a numpty i was…so i didn’t go back. I was dx in June 2012 after a big relapse. It did get better on its own in the end, even if it took a few weeks. Try your best not to worry what might happen, its hard enough dealing with what has happened. Hope you recovers soon, it is horrible. Mish xx

Hi, i can understand how you are feeling, i too started to get a numb tongue all down the right side, this started in December 2012. I also had numbness in left side of face and into my teeth and gums, wasnt very nice. But my tongue feels fine now and i only have a slight tingling now and then. I did tell my MS nurse all my symptoms and she didnt sound too concerned, she just made a not on my records and asked me if i need to see her, i told her i didnt as i was getting through it ok, as i am sure you will too.

As i dont have any sense of smell or taste at the moment, put that with the numb tongue, when i was eating it could of been anything, good job i could see what it was and my memory kind of reminded me what it taste like.

The only advice i can give you is to take each day as it comes and try and relax a little about it. i know i know, thats the last thing in the world you want to hear from anyone, but its true.

I know this does not answer you question, but i hope my experiance of it will help you a little.



I’m undiagnosed (two episodes documented by MS specialist but non-specific MRI lesions) but one of my early symptoms (as well as other things) was numb tongue - just at the front though and the top of my palate as well as my lips. My temperature sense went and it was difficult drinking hot things because I didn’t realise things were to hot until it hit the back of my mouth and I swallowed. It did go away thankfully and din’t cause me any issues - that was up until the last few weeks where some of my old symptoms and some new have creeped back. My lips go tingly when I drink tea cuase of the heat :frowning: But to reassure my tongue aside from that works okay - it’s annoying and I was panicked the first time it happened but it can get better. As the others have said worrying and stressing can sometimes make things worse - hard though it is I try and appreciate the things I can do rather than what I can’t do :slight_smile:

If you’re worried there’s no harm in sending the neurologists secretary an email, they don’t necessarily have to see you but at least it’s documented. Good luck, hope it gets better.