Numbness moving around whole body

I’m 52 (female) and my mother has MS. About 6 weeks ago, my lips were numb for a few days which then went to my left face. At around the same time, both arms had this sort of numb feeling but felt more like blood rushing like it trying to get where it should go but was having trouble. I don’t think I have poor circulation because my hands/feet aren’t cold. The numbness then went only to the left but I had weakness in my body from the hip down on the right. Since then, the numbness has moved to different parts of my body like it’s making the rounds. Today it’s my right arm and leg. I am also clumsy and dropping things. I have no fatigue, no vision problems, no bladder issues. I can make my numbness a bit better by moving around or changing positions if I’m lying down. I went to the doc but am only at the blood test stage to eliminate issues there.

My right neck/shoulder suddenly became VERY sore a few months before this. I’ve been struggling with that since about October. It’s been killing me and I am taking pain relief daily for it.

My question is, if this is MS would my numbness or (rushing blood feeling) be present in all parts of my body? I’ve never had any symptoms of MS in my life before. Not even a small incident.

sorry tessa but nobody on here can rule ms in or out, only a neurologist can do that.

keep on seeing your GP and let him/her do the tests.

if s/he can’t find a cause for your symptoms then maybe a referral to neurology will be in order.

it could be Bells Palsy which made your lips numb.

ask if the blood tests included B12 and D3 because deficiencies in these can throw up all sorts of weird symptoms.

Hello Tessa

It’s as Carole says, beyond anyone’s capabilities to prejudge your likelihood of having MS or otherwise.

You’ve yourself already looked up the symptoms of MS and ticked off your symptoms that fit, and noted those which you don’t have. Obviously, as you’ve done, you can tick boxes but not come to any conclusions.

I suspect that having numbness moving from one place to another might indicate that it’s not MS (which is I think where you’ve got to yourself), but what do I know? I’m afraid all you can do is follow up with your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist if the blood tests don’t reveal another likely cause of your symptoms.

All the best.