Results in, thanks peeps, time to go xx

Saw the neuro today- he has had a complete change of personality. He admitted he had scanned me as he considered MS as a possibility, but instead found something else.

So, its not MS.

Its Frontotemporal Degeneration.

Im only 42. I have to see a dementia specialist in the next few weeks. Trying to stay positive.

Anyway, its not MS so no longer qualify to be here. Thanks for being there for my many questions!!! Hope you all get answers soon xx

I am so shocked and sad to hear this. There will be support for you, for now it’s a lot to take in.

If ever you need to talk, please feel free to come back and private message me anytime, I will always be hear to listen…I really mean that. Even if I don’t get straight back to you, I promise I will respond.

Take care of yourself

Noreen xx

What a bolt from the blue that is. I am sorry that you have such a lot to deal with, deadchick. Every good wish to you. Alison

it was weird. He gave me eye contact, was sorry it had happened to someone “our age” - turns out he was born in 1971 too! and shook my hand as I got up to go.

Just made the mistake of looking it up on tinternet. Never mind!! Ah well, got to go through tests etc to see what type it is so will learn more as time goes on.

I’m really sorry, have been following your journey and I know you have helped many people on here too in that time. Hugs and my best wishes xx

Hi DC, so very sorry about your dx. Please check in from time to time and say hi and let us know how you’re getting on. Sending big hugs and best wishes ((((())))) xxxxxx

Hugs to you, I’m sure no one would mind you staying! Best of luck with everything hunni. Xxxxxxx

I’m really sorry about your dx. I’ve also been reading your posts. Sending you big hugs. Good luck and best wishes xxx

So sorry to read this :frowning: I hope you get the best treatment possible xxx

sorry deadchick, what a nightmare scenario

good luck with getting treatment to alleviate symptoms.

i’m sure you can still come on here, we all want you to stay.

carole xxx

Sorry to hear that deadchick, I wish you all the best and send you a hug xx

So sorry to read about your dx. Sending you lots of ((hugs))

As so many others have said, you are always welcome here xxxxx

Oh luv, I am sorry to hear of your dx.

You dont have to leave the forum hun. I dont have MS yet am still welcome here.

Take care of yourself luv.


bye deadchick,been keeping updated with your threats

take care x

Big love, take care of yourself xx

oh hells bells… you poor thing… I hope whatever ‘type’ it is it’s nothing horrid… ((( hug )))

<3 I’m sorry Dc, massive hugs! Xxx

Gosh, my heart goes out to you, like many have said you have, despite your own journey been supportive of so many on this forum. Please don’t feel you have to leave, support is a two-way process and we all still care about your well-being. Take care and let us know how you get on x.

Thanks you lovely people. Just trying to get stuff sorted out. Ended up in the walk in tonight with a severe asthma attack to boot.

Cycling between ignoring it and doing stuff like sorting my pension out so my partner gets survivor payment (didnt know this existed). Its like there are two people, one on autopilot doing all the practical stuff and the other running round looking at shiny things and clouds and singing “la la la la” refusing to wake up.

My friend turned up with loads of suppliments for me, B vitamins, fish oils etc so I shall be a picture of health soon!

Good to have close friends at these times in life. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot, and that’s where I’ll keep you. Take all the support your offered. ((((((hugs)))))) Noreen x