Restless legs

Not the best way to wake up but could be worse. I had this when symptoms first started, usually I’d go for a wee and I wouldn’t need to keep moving my legs, although I once spent the best part of 2 days walking round the house (til the doc loaded me up on diazepam to switch me off. pre DX).

Now it’s back, lower back tingling making me move my legs. Does anyone else have this?

Yes I do and it’s horrible isn’t it? I tend to get it on the tail end of a relapse, which I’ve just had. Also, I increased my rebif dose to 44 mg this week and have horrible pains in lower back and hips. Not a happy bunny :frowning:

Hi, I take quinine for nighttime restless legs…300mg a day…maximum dose I think.

Ask your ms nurse, eh?


Hello, I just returned from my neurologist and was prescribed diazepam , what is everyone’s experience with this. The web seems to tell a scary story about addicting as bad as herion please help… I am dealing with the whole restless leg thing and it drives me nits, but I really don’t want to take something that will get me that addicted Thanks in advance

I find magnesium eases problems with spasm & cramp and it’s a beneficial mineral, so no harm in trying.

Whammel, Thanks for the tip

Yes, l was going to say Magnesium - and l see Whammel has mentioned it. We should all be taking it with our Vitd3. Just google vitamin d3 magnesium ms.

I have them too drives me mad I take sinemet for them which makes it much more bearable Axx

As whammel & spacejacket have said, magnesium always does the trick with me. And I find eating too much salt makes it worse - if I’ve had a takeaway then I’m more likely to get it.


I was prescribed clonazepam for twitching legs (may be slightly different from restless legs) which woke me up in the night. This is in the benzodiazepam family - but different from diazepam. I think diazepam is valium, which I was prescribed twenty years ago as a muscle relaxant when I slipped a disc. I absolutely hated it because of the brain fog it gave me. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read a page of a book. I stopped taking it pretty quickly.

I’ve never had brain fog problems with clonazepam and it has been very effective at stopping my leg twiching. I think it made me sleep a lot though (about 10 or 11 out of 24 hours at worst). I recently stopped taking it (trying the Wahls diet, leg twitching in the evening stopped, blah, blah, blah) and I got terrible ‘rebound insomnia’, awake for hours in the night the first two nights after I stopped taking it and waking every few hours but going back to sleep again the next night. After that my sleep was OK, as long as I didn’t take the full dose of my Fampyra. A couple of days later, the leg twiching started again and I went back on the clonazepam. I’ve worked out that if I take the Fampyra and the clonazepam I generally sleep for about 7.5 hours and don’t sleep much in the day. Which is OK for me - but this is a bit of a warning about benzodiazepams for restless or twiching legs. It feels like a long and boring story so sorry for that.

Most drugs used in treating symptoms are addictive if you read the information leaflet but please don’t let that stop you getting help. Doctors are neither cruel or ignorant and will wean you off them slowly and painlessly when / if the time comes to stop them. I was really worried about it too and was reassured. Please have faith in them and speak to them about your concerns.

Good luck.

Min x

Min, Just an update. I started with the Diazapam three days ago, I am taking the drops, if I take them too early, they help the legs, but put me right to sleep, if I take them too late, the legs still bother me, but sleep better. I’m hoping its just adjusting the dosage. The good thing is, I don’t feel,like I “need” them…yet Greg

All, I have to admit to having an “MS” moment, I was not prescribed Diazapam, I was prescribed Clonazepam. Still working out the right dosage of the drop s and when to take them, but after three drops, twenty minutes later, I am dead to the world. Even though I do wake up just as tired it seems like. Has anyone else read where lack of REM sleep is part of the fatigue problem. Again, sorry for giving wrong information out, it was not intentional Greg

Hi I’ve been diagnosed this summer (main symptoms are burning all over the body in random areas and bladder urgency/emptying) and have restless legs at the moment along with MS hug. I am 38 now. I now remember having bad restless legs as a late teenager, is it possible I’ve had MS for a while? (Am new to the forums)