Respite care homes

Hi there

Social services are searching for a care home for me. I live in South Devon but all the local homes can only take over 65s and I am 54.

Wheelchair bound, needing hoists. Never been in respite care but hubby needs a break.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi have you googled the subject? There will be other paces than care homes for respite with nursing care.

The UK is pretty strapped when it comes to suitable paces to stay, for us who need hoists etc.

Dunno about Devon (gorgeous area). Ill have a google for you. Its the kind of stuff I enjoy researching. I`ve stayed in Blackpool at 2 hotels with or without carers.

Back in a bit kid!


Here I am chuck

Found a few places who specialise in MS.

  1. Alban House Ilfracombe

  2. 3 Corners Brixham

  3. Torre House Torquay

  4. Mount Oliver Paignton

  5. Hill House Brixham

Check `em out, yeh?

I just googled Respite centres in Devon.

luv Polx

ps good luck

Any joy yet Sherry?


Thanks poll will look into it over the weekend, have been busy with family the past few days, but hope for a quiet few days.

Thanks for help


Hi there

Respite sorted.

A new experience for me.skared or what.


dont be scared hun.just enjoy!


It must be scary for you, have you found a place thats not a nursing home,i do hope so,

when they were looking for respite for me they could only find a place in a nursing home with the elderly and i refused to go.

Hi not sure if you have your laptop with you. If so, how’s it going hun!


Hi everybody Completely new to this, but I have just read your latest chat about respite care, and I’m having same issues finding places to go

Hi B3

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