Respite Care in North Yorkshire?

Can anyone please recommend a care home or similar facility in North Yorkshire (or Yorkshire as a whole?) for short term respite care and emergency care if needed for my wife who has SPMS. This has unfortunately progressed to the stage where she cannot self support and requires a wheelchair to move around and has difficulty self propelling as her hands do not work very well. As she cannot self transfer, she would require assistance to transfer with a hoist (I tend to lift her at the moment). As well as hoist(s), she would need a riser recliner chair for daytime use as she finds it too uncomfortable and tiring to sit in a wheelchair or ordinary chair for more than a couple of hours, an electric profiling bed, ideally with grab rails either side and suitable bathroom facilities which can enable hoisting and a wet room or roll in shower suitable for use with a shower chair. I have found that most care homes which offer respite care cannot provide this level of specialised care and equipment. My wife is a young 64 year old so ideally residents slightly younger than the care home norm who she can socialise with would be good.

I realise an alternative is in-home care if a suitable respite place cannot be found and I can certainly look into this although we feel a change in scenery would also benefit my wife. She currently gets 30 minutes support each morning from a care provider but we think they would struggle to find the staff to support her for the times she would need each day (and night?) if I was not there.

After several years of 24/7/365 care, I could really do with a short break but more importantly, we need a back up plan if I am unable to provide the care she needs, short term, for whatever reason.

Thanks very much for any suggestions and advice you can provide.

Hi Phil, I can identify with so much of what you are saying. Your wife sounds as dependent as I am. I also have PPMS…24 years now.

I need all the same help. I go to our local hospice for respite, which does have everything I need.

I have 2 carers who come twice aday…one mon to fr and the other 2 sleps and sat/sun.

they also take me on short breaks, to give my hubby a break…Blackpool… it has a good hotel with all the kit and carers too!

love Boudsx