Are there disabled-friendly holiday places in Devon?

I have the chance to visit Devon to see a new chap I met recently (and his wonderful dog, Bess!) I’ve had a really rough few years, emotionally, so this may be chance to find happiness again - who knows? But his (rented) house has an upstairs loo and isn’t too disabled friendly so his friend suggested I rent a holiday place and go down to visit for a week or so, and meet all his friends.

I’ve done a quick look on the internet of which the first disabled-friendly chalet was accessed up a staircase (I wonder how they defined ‘disabled’…?!)

So my question is: Does anybody know any disabled-friendly places I could rent close to Honiton in Devon? (I have an Assistance Dog too, but he’s legally allowed most places) My future love-life could depend on this and I thought the MS Forum are really the best people to ask!

Thanks heaps for all your help!

Tracey and the hound

l hope you do get away for a break - and find a disabled friendly accomadation. ln the latest Pathways mag [ msrc] there is an article on places you can visit where you can hire a Tramper and get out and about in the Devon country parks. lt is The Countrside Mobility Scheme. Areas where Trampers can be hired are - Seale Hayne - Berry Head Nature Reserve - Stover Country Park. [all with disabled WC]. - tel 01392-456522. This would allow you and your friend and ‘dogs’ to make the best of the Devon countryside.


Try Blagdon Farm its a disabled holiday place and is lovely - know it was changing hands and take it it is still running it has its own indoor pool and is all geared up. we are on the devon coenwall border, and its next to Blagdon Manor the most special place to dine you will ever find- just amazing and you are treated like royalty. all wheelchair friendly.hope you have a great holiday where ever you go

BC xx

Hoe seasons do disabled lodges and I am sure there is one near honiton.Worth a google x