Replacement Blue Badge question

Ok i have had ms since 2007 and have had the blue badge since then. My question is what do i fo with the expired one? Think i would know what to do but every time i get my replacement i cant remember. I could just shred it but before i do that anyone know if it is to be returned and if so how do we do that?

The covering letter that I got with my last one said that “expired badges must be returned to the authority that issued them”.

Hope this helps.


That’s correct, you’re supposed to send it back. I never had and have never been chased for it. Saves the price of a stamp & envelope!

I think different issuers have different rules. Maybe to prevent abuse with old badges.

Ok i will see if i can get the address and an envelope and send back . Never got an envelope when i got my replacement

I must be honest I ditch mine in recycling.