Repeat of similar symptons

Hi just a bit of advice again please. I posted on here a few weeks ago about some symptons i have experienced but have disapeared. One of the symptons was a burning sensation in one of my legs. Is it possible that the very same feeling can come back in the same leg? It has been around 2-3 months when i last had it but back then it was teamed with numbness! Any advice gratefully received Lainey x

Hi Lainey,

Yes. I’m afraid it sounds as if you may be having a relapse. A relapse can be either new symptoms OR a recurrence of old ones (sometimes a mixture of both).

But sometimes an infection, or just having overdone things a bit (on the run-up to Christmas?) could reactivate old symptoms. In that case, it’s not a real relapse. Healing isn’t perfect in MS, so sometimes, when the body’s under pressure in other ways, the emergency repairs will start to show.


Hi tina Thankyou for your info. I supose i should have mentioned that at present i am in limbo land for a diagnosis but all signs point towards ms. Its just all very confusing at the moment. Any help is good x

Hi sorry to ask loads of questions but feeling a bit in limbo land still! I had my mri scan on 21 st october, results on 19th november and follow up appointment to speak about what the results might mean on 25th january. Is this a normal time frame? Does it mean its not so bad because it is taking a while or does it mean anything? This is the best place for answers as you all seem to know the real story x

yes that’s about the right time frame in my experience. the Neuro may have sent the results back to your GP or at least a letter explaining results you can contact GP and ask about the letter.

good luck x

Hallo again, I went private, courtesy of a work insurance scheme, so it was all much quicker. However, the timescales you’ve been given sound in line with what most people experience on the NHS. Perhaps a bit better than some, even, but it’s a bit of a postcode lottery. I’m afraid you can’t read much into it either way. It does suggest they don’t think you have anything that requires urgent surgery. But it doesn’t mean they’ve ruled out MS. MS, although serious, is a chronic condition, and NOT a life-threatening emergency, for the vast majority of people. Serious things aren’t always urgent. Waiting a few weeks is not very likely to do any harm, in the case of MS, so it’s not treated as the highest level of urgency. Tina x

Thanks guys i think i will sit back and wait until january now to find out what they say. Meanwhile i will try and keep myself updated through the posts on the forum and try and keep my spirits high x