I am my wifes carer (she was diagnosed with relapse/remitting M.S in 2011)…it has been a rough ride to say the least, almost taking 2 years to get her care package organised by our local adult care unit.Generally at the moment we feel pretty much isolated, we recently visited our original home town(we moved to our present home almost 24 years ago),we have family and an amazing group of friends there ,all of the opinion that we should move back there as they very much wish to assist and support us.The big question is…can we get help to relocate, obviously our financial situation is not that rosey, so does anybody know of any grants or support to help us to move? We are presently in private rented accomodation so again there is a need to take into account this factor and the fact that we are in reciept of housing benefit etc.Would appreciate any info thankyou.

Hi, I dont know of any help with moving costs.

Why not just ask the question at your local council?

Do try to find out what the care facilities are in the area you are hoping to move to.

Different councils can offer very different services.