Advice about moving home

At the moment my wife and myself lives in 4 Bedrooms detached house in Berkshire. My mobility now getting worse, so we decided to move in a Bungalow, but I am not sure whether moving could be too much for us as I may not cope with full time job. Who will help us with moving arrangement? Finacial, removal, sorting out fittings to relocate, like wall mounted TV etc.

I dont think anyone in family, relatives or friends will able to help.

Also need advice by professionalism about accessible at home inside and outside etc

Anyone who have experience with move for serve disbled? And hope to get the feedback how they cope.

Hi, hmmm a lot questions there…bet your mind is all over the place.

it does sound sensible to downsize, but are you sure family won`t help? they may surprise you and be happy to muck in.

Usually when homes need adapting for disabled person, OTs can be of tremendous help…I have found. Not sure how it would work when you are just thinking about moving.

Maybe CAB can advise, eh?

Hope it works out.

luv Pollx

Hi there

Maybe this government advice page will be of some help?

Greg [admin]