Reached rock bottom

I am a MS sufferer who has reached rock bottom. MS has taken my wife, my house, my mobility, and everything else i has ever worked for. Now the government has stopped what little money they gave me. I am reduced to sleeping on a friends sofa.

Since life can’t get any worse i weas wondering if anybody knew of any grants i can apply for so i can relocate to Devon or Cornwall. This is the perfect opportunity to start life again in a new place. I just need a helping hand.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you


I’ve had a quick word with our grants team on this to see what they advise.

They recommend some kind of advocacy support such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, who can advise on benefits and housing and all the things you seem to need right now.

They also suggest speaking to the Help Line (number at the bottom of this page) for some personal support while you’re going through what sounds like a pretty tough time.

Once you have a clearer idea of where/when you are moving and what you might need help with financially, you may be able to apply for financial assistance. If you want to find out more about what types of grants the MS Society provides, contact the grants team on 020 8438 0700 or

Good luck.

Greg [admin]

I’m sorry I am no help but this will put your post back to the top where someone might see and be able to help

Hi, oh poor you. MS and my ? have stripped us of so much. I generally keep cheerful and bright, but life gets so hard sometimes. Your`s are the worst of problems. I dunno what help there is for relocating. Try the MSS eh?

luv Pollx


Just a thought…could you put your name down on the local Council list

for where you want to relocate to, and ask your gp. mr nurse, ot or anyone

else to write explaining your situation. It may just be enough to get you on

a list and give a helping hand going up the list.

It’s obvious you are not “in a good place” at the moment, surely this would

all go in your favour to getting relocated, perhaps even try your MP.

My heart goes out to you, try to keep strong, and I wish you all the best for

the future.

Pam x