My brother is 55 and is living 128 miles away from family with MS

Hi, my brother was diagnosed last June with MS. Every time myself, my mother and sisters visit him, he looks worse.

Billy lives alone in a council bungalow and does not seem to be able to look after himself properly.

He is extremely lonely and we would be grateful for any advice on how to relocate him back to Buckinghamshire near his family so that we can take care of him.

We have been in contact with Social Services but seem to be hitting a brick wall. I have not reached a stage where anything has been actioned or that i feel that his case has been taken on at all.

The only thing we have managed to do is enlist him on exchange property websites which we pay a fee for, in the hope that someone near us would want to swap with him.

If anyone has any tips or advice to help us gratefully appreciated

Jools x

Hi Jools It may be worth going to your local council explain the position to them and get his name on their list, so he could transfer areas if something became available. Hope they can help. Pam x