I have been seeing someone for 6months, only started getting MS symptoms a few weeks after meeting him. bad timing! All has been going well, I’m in the early stages of MS so I’m not too bad at all at the moment, but yeh to cut it short he ended it because of MS…suppose it’s better to now than later down the line :frowning: Is this something to get use to?

hopefully not, there are some decent people out there,and the thing you have to tell yourself is,his actions say more about him than they do you,easy to say I know given youve not long been affected,but in time you will see its the truth.

Oh yeah wheres my manners,welcome and hello,my wife is a MS sufferer too,and at times it is hard but I married her and not MS,and I aint the best man in the world,its hard but we get there,weve two beautiful kids and …well what needs done needs to be done , and no doubt most of the ladies on here would agree to differing degrees,most men are just big kids,only difference being theyve went thru puberty and the toys are bigger. You will find someone who values you for you,x


i was diagnosed after a good few years of marriage and when i start to feel like a burden, i always have the marriage vows quoted to me - in sickness and in health. i agree with dave in that his actions were more of a reflection on him than you. i firmly believe that there is someone for everyone, you just have to kiss a few frogs… hang in there because you will find someone who will fall in love with you and every aspect that is you xxx

Hi Anon,

I won’t say much as Dave and Vicky have already said it except he isn’t worthy of you, so you’re the winner by far.




When I was diagnosed I thought that was it for me & I’d spend the rest of my life single. But I met someone not long afterwards and, to cut a very long & winding story short, we’ve now been married for 6 years. It’s been tough of course - I’ve gone from being able to play football to needing a wheelchair. We’ve really had to grapple with what it means to vow ‘in sickness & in health’. But I think it’s helped us appreciate things more and to work hard at the relationship.


Hi, Im sorry youve had this experience…chronic illness can make us feel worth less than we really are.

Whoever the person was, he wasnt worth youre time and attention. There will be a decent person in the future who will deserve your love and you theirs.

luv Pollx