Feel so sad

Not feeling just sorry for myself,more than that.marriage falling apart around me.Husband carrying on with his life that doesnt include me.

I believe Karma plays an important part in our lives. Just that thought keeps me going. There`s a lot of people who are going to suffer later in life. Mainly the selfish up their own people.

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That is sad. But if he is in fact being such a selfish bas*ard, then it could be said that you’re better off without him. Being alone within a relationship is worse than being alone and single. I think.



Big hugs.

really really hope things are a ‘bad parch’ & you needed to share. For me knowing I have ms made me feel vaunrable. Then I realised I am still me.

You are still you.

Is his way of dealing with your ms to just get on and live his life (if you can’t join in he does it anyway ?)

or is there more to it.

If he truly loves you, whatever he says, or behaves I would guess he is shit scared! Find a man who will admit that, …pig flying!

So q…does his life not include you, or, is he running scared of ms ? Is he trying to have a ‘normal’ life, to ovoid the realities of ms ?

its so complicated for me personally. Which is why I ask.

P.s. Scudger. Your posts always make me smile.

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Anonymous I believe that Sarah Smith has made some very valid points. Not just relating to OH’s though, lots of family, friends and even acquaintances just don’t know how to behave, what they should or shouldn’t do or say … thinking if they carry on with their ‘normal’ the MS condition may go away - I wish! One never knows without non critical chatting to the people who really matter to you, even maybe explaining that the MS Monster can ‘go to live with’ anyone even them, we’ve done nothing to deserve it. xx

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