does anybody else have problems eating and with bowels when in relapse. I think im having a relapse but not sure, have lost weight in last 3wks, blood tests come back fine. finding it hard to digestive food, stomach hurts so much, on eating and urinating but no infection, basically on bed all day, finding hard to stand, walk, they lose conscious after while. docs have tested for other things, n waiting for a scan, god knows how long that will take. worried that not putting on weight and whats happening.

has anybody else found it so hard to eat food and in pain on eating?

Hi hon, I’m ppms so no relapses… but from what you say it sounds like a relapse to me.

Anyway, bumping you up to the top…

Take care,

Pat x

i have weightloss without the eating difficulties. and i have mobility issues. i’m waiting for a rheumatology appt. in the the grand scheme of things symptoms of many ills are filtered word. we find things that help and if they help they help. x