diet, at wits end

60 year old male,with relapse remit ms since 2001, symptoms mild till now. i loved my food, i say loved as now problems with diet are causing physical and also problems with my marriage, (my wife at wits end with trying to find things i can eat, and there effects afterwards). Until recently approx 3 months ago, i could eat meat, now its a no no as any meat of any sort causes severe constipation. i now live on virtually all fibre and tablet and powders daily to ease this. Has anyone experienced this, and how did you find some quality in life again. Doctors cant come up with anything only taking sener , movicol daily ,

I have had great improvement by changing my bladder medication. I stopped taking SOLIFENACIN and am able to eat more normally again. Might it be worth looking into your medication in case this may help you…?