Does anyone else lose their appetite during a relapse?

Very recently dx and think I’ve been relapsing for the past eight weeks and so far I’ve lost nearly a stone and a half in weight.

Losing that amount of weight certainly won.t do me any harm, I couldn’t really be described as skinny!!! Curvy maybe??? But it has been a pretty drastic way to lose it.



i have lost 2 stone since end of june. a mega relapse affecting right side of body and speech. i cant taste properly-the enjoyment is gone-food is just tasteless fuel which i force over. *sigh. i have no solution-sorry. brekkie then frequent snack is how i get by.

ellie x

Funny enough, I had a bad time of it there for 6-8 weeks with feeling rough / depression and my weight dropped off because, I didn’t have any appetite at all but, thank God, I seem to be coming through the other side now and munching away again but it was nice to loosen the waist band a wee bit. Wouldn’t want to go back to it mind you…seems to be a side effect of this lovely condition…

hello. The weight loss may not be harmful, but you wouldnt want to keep losing weight like this, I`m sure.

With all our limitations, one of the few pleasures we are left with is eating.

If you are having trouble eating solid food, please try to drink lots of fluids to keep from becoming dehydrated and even more poorly.

lots of luv, Pollx

I lost just under 3 stone a few year ago,with a bad relapse,i had to force myself to eat a dish of cereal a survive,i just didnt want food at all,wish i could loose it again,i have the opposite problem, now due to immobility i put it on, even though i dont eat much.

I tend to lose my appetite when I am relapsing or dealing with any sort of illness or stress. But that’s normal for me. If you are experiencing something that is unusual for you, best to get it checked out, I think. Not everything is MS. I hope you feel better soon. Alison x

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I’m trying to look at it as one of the few positives of this illness!!!

I’ve been struggling for ages to lose this last couple of stone and now I’ve done it without even trying.

Though I’m sure I’ll put it back on pretty swiftly once I’m back eating normally again.