Food / fatigue

Hi guys,

does anyone feel rubbishy ( some of the time) after eating. I’ve been ‘scared’ to eat, for a couple of years, the upside is I am now a very healthy weight. (I was a size 14 at 15 years old). I dipped to a size 8. After focusing on eating at least twice a day I have got back to a size 10.

Please don’t hate me people who have weight issues the other way.

Ok, it’s strange and unpredictable, sometimes I can eat & feel fine, other times, I eat and feel like I just have to sleep. Any ideas. The food type makes no difference. It’s not the effort of cooking.

hi sarah

not the same problem as you but if i do a big meal like christmas dinner i manage fine but when i sit down to eat i just end up pushing a chipolata round the plate.

everybody says “are you not eating” i reply “neither would you if you knew what i’ve done to it”.

tormenting the able bodied is my treat.

carole x

Sarah, similar issue but slightly different! I’m an 8 & was thrilled today to see I’d gained a pound. Maybe it’s because I’m not as active as I used to be but my lifelong interest in food has gone (even though I love watching all cookery TV programmes). I know what I have to eat so I do. I’ve got to eat healthily so I force myself. Have found that if I don’t eat at least something at regular intervals I can feel quite odd when I do which I assume is the stomach protesting!


Noone in their right mind could hate you. I’d be happy to lose a bit of weight. It’s hard when you’re less mobile. But that doesn’t make me feel aggrieved at women who have problems the other way.

I know just how easy it is for women to be screwed up by food from my younger years.

We are always told we should be bigger or smaller. We are surrounded by images of the perfect and it’s bloody hard to feel right about our bodies as a result.

I should think healthy snacking is the answer. Not meals that make you feel bloated and fatigued. Just little bites a bit more frequently.

And don’t get too stressed about it. Stress feeds MS symptoms and you can live without that.


Thanks for input. I have been trying to understand if it was an ‘ms’ thing that ment digesting food sometimes wipes me out. I have been tested for food intolerance’s. I thought for ages I must be diabetic, I’m not. Part of the reason for my DMD choice was so I would ‘have’ to eat twice a day.

After talking to my ms nurse & not being able to explain it, other than being back to a ‘healthy weight’ ( everything was sagy at size 8, I felt gross) now I am back to a 10 I look far better. But on reflection, it was fear of feeling becoming so fatigued that I wouldn’t be able to carry on with my day that was making me avoid eating.

A lot of people talk about being wiped out come the afternoon. I sort of wondered if this was actually ‘after lunch’. Not so noticeable after tea as I like a lot of people go for ‘sofa time’.

As well as it feeling ‘Normal’ to want to just relax in the evening. Where’s during the day, at work is another mater.