Issues with eating and putting on weight

Hi everyone - I find that after lunch in particular I feel physically wiped out! Does anyone else get the same? I have tried cutting out various carbs, and reducing the amount I have for lunch but I still nearly always get it. I do find eating out is the worst because invariably after the meal I have to make the supreme effort of getting off the dining chair and walking around on my crutches - desperately trying to look like a normal person lol!

Breakfast brings its own challenges too as no matter what I try to eat I always feel hungry right throughout the morning. Because of my mobility issues I have put on at least 2 stone in weight.

On a slightly separate note isn’t the human psyche incredible? I had quite a good day yesterday and what is so weird is that a little voice in my head starts telling me that the MS has miraculously disappeared! I get on my exercise bike, I get the weights and the yoga bands out - I start looking at job adverts and having make believe conversation in my head with potential employers - when they ask questions like ‘are you filled with enthusiasm and energy and ready to take on a new challenge?’ I’m like, ‘yeah I’m so energetic and enthusiastic, in fact I’m probably the most energetic and enthusiastic person you will see all week!!’ And then I wake up.