hi all just a quick question.....does anyone find there appetite is affected?

reason i'm asking is that i seem to survive on very little to eat...had one bag of cheese and onion today and still don't feel hungry!!

thanks for reading and take care


Hi,  yes i struggle with my appetite too, it has even got that bad that i went to see a dietician last week, her advice was basically eat when i feel like eating and eat what i feel like eating even if its a plate full off sausages. Try and make sure i'm getting extra calories if i need them by having full fat milk, plenty of butter on toast etc etc.  I know its hard but little and often is the best way.

Good luck and hope your appetite comes back


I think Lee’s dietician’s advice is spot on. Got to get those calories on board, even if it is a bit of a chore - your body needs all the help it can get.



I’ve been the same, dropped 2 dress sizes in about 2 months! Trying my best to get the food in but I’m a little scared to eat as I’ve had some bowel “issues” shall we call them, all after decent meals!! Sobi agree with Lee, little and often seems to be the way forward. Still no referrals from anyone so no one to talk to about it as yet but I wanna get sorted!! All the

Ophelia xxx

I've always found that when things are rough my weight drops off.  Sometimes I'm sure that its because I'm just too tired to eat, especially once I've actually prepared food.  I'm also sure that if I had a full time chef to do all the work for me I'd eat more as I didn't have to put any effort into getting food.