Not hungry???

The last month or so I have not been very hungry!! Shouldn’t complain really lol, it’s just so unusual for me. I never stop eating!! I don’t know if its the heat, even though its not bothering me. It’s just so unusual for me!! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to complain to much as I could do with losing a few pounds lol but I’m just getting a bit paranoid at the minute as its getting worse. I have to force myself to eat!! I have never ever been like that, it’s generally a struggle not to over eat!! Has anyone else felt like this?? Suppose I’ll have to visit Docs if not!! Thanks in advance for any help x

H Debs, I’ve lost over two stone this year,due to Butrans Morphine patches,3-4 Tramadol a day and more recently the heat.I mainly eat ‘picnic food’,low fat with fruit’n’veg,flapjack and midget gems.I don’t carry anywhere near as much muscle as I have done and am literally on the bones of my -rse.

I donot need to lose any more weight and will be trying to reduce the Tramadol and increase stuff which doen’t suppress appetite.Does any of this me, me, me apply to you maybe?

Be lucky,


Hi wb, I am not taking any treatment at all. I had a small relapse, I think and just haven’t got back to my normal self. At the min I am not eating healthily, I just eat whatever us quick when I realise I haven’t eaten! I eat a sandwich or something around one then a slight tea. Tonight I had a pastie!! Normally I eat non stop! X

i had a relapse a few year ago,where i didnt want to eat at all, i lost nearly 4 stone,and i had to force myself to eat a slice of toast every day just so that at least i was getting something down me,

it took me a year to put weight back on, but when i did, i then went the other way,and now i could do with loosing it all again.

if your worried have a word with your gp or ms nurse.

Hi Jaki, I think I will have a chat with someone if it carries on, probably GP though as I don’t think I’m having a relapse, although I haven’t been quite right for a while, I thought thinks were picking up!! I suppose really, it could just be the heat or something completely unrelated. Thanks got your response though x

Hiya Debs - am going through the same scenario. My brain doesn’t seem to recognise that I need to eat (thought it was just a me-thing) but I find it difficult to swallow food anyhow. See your GP, mine has organised blood tests for tomorrow and then he is going to prescribe some kind of canned drink that includes all nutrients and vitamins, trace elements etc that your body needs. Hope this helps? Lynda xxx