everyone. Hope you are all as well as you can be!!

I went to th eDr today as have had enough of this relapse!! Fatigue has been hideous along with speech problems and trmors to name a few so i walk out there with a script for a 3 day course of 'roids!!! mmmmmmmmmmm yummy my fave, downing 10 pills ( which taste nasty) But if they help me again then fab!!!

4th lot since end of March this year, ( my Dr will start thinking i’m addicted to them!!! ) so is that far to many to of had in such a short space of time? Do i really have RRMS though i have deteriorated so much in the last 5 months!!! Seeing neuro in Jan unless he wants me in sooner due to the 'roids and the rebif.

My problem right this second is my brain is buzzing but the rest of me is seriously exhausted. 2 modafinil and 3 energy drinks usually only keep me going till 8pm so think the 'roids are in my system already gonna lay off the enegy drinks and only take 1 modafinil tomorrow!!! might be able to sleep then!!! LOL

Kate x x xx

Hi Kate,

I have heard that lettuce sandwiches are meant to help you sleep - seriously. I was told that lettuce contains very mild opiates which the bread enhances. Don’t know if tis true but try a lettuce sandwich and a glass of warm milk with honey before bed. It may not work but at least it will be one of your 5-a-day.

Take care hun, fingers crossed that your little blue pills will sort you out.


JBK xx

right im off to tescos to get some lettuce!!!

Any particular bread?

Think i’m going to be soooo exhausted later that firngers crossed i will sleep like a baby!!!

I hope they do sort me out!!!

Neuro has said he will up my rebif prescription to 44!! So just waiting for a phonecall about a delivery

Take care of you

Hugs back

Kate x x xx


2 points - first the lettuce thing… it’s true that it contains something that mey help you sleep but the amount that you have to eat to get any effect from it is far too much for a lettuce sandwich to have any noticable effect (although the placebo effect may come into play if you believe you’ve eaten enough).

Second thing is the steroids. When I was first diagnosed I had 5 relapses in 6 months. All were treated with iv steroids. I asked my neuro if that amount would do me damage (I’d read that you coundn’t have steroid more than 3 time in 12 months) and he said that while my MS is so active they’ll treat with steroids when required, no limit as they were sorting DMD’s out for me which would hopefully put a break on the frequency of the relapses so the following years I wouldn’t have to have them, or maybe just 1 lot. Therefore, I shouldn’t get the downside of too many steroids as it would balance out. I was started on Rebif 44, I had 1 more relapse about a month in but after that about 1 a year. I started relapsing often again after a few years so changed treatments.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck with the change to Rebif 44, I hope it does the trick for you.