Blar… another relapse… joy! Have decided my MS is not RRMS… its ARNRMS… lol (All Relapsing No Remitting!)

First IV steroids wednesday! Do they work better than oral??

Bummer about the relapse. I hope the steroids work well for you.

Re IV versus oral steroids: the evidence shows that they are the same as far as how well they work. Some people seem to respond better to one type than the other though - no idea why!

Karen x

Hmm, cool, will be interesting to experience if theres a difference then!! Apologies to admin too, The fact that this post is heree means I posted it 3 times with yesterdays timing issues! Kept sayin posted, but telling me i didnt have permission to do it… and then not appearing lol

Hoping I dont get the nasty taste from the iv steds, but will arm myself with various sweets and mints just in case!!

Hi I’ve had IV steroids 3 times now. all with no nasty side effects, apart from the metallic taste and that didnt last long.

The IV nurses came to my flat which made it less arduous. I started to feel better after about a week, everybody is different though.

I hope they go well for you xx

Thanks… had my first lot today, no real issues so far, bit of a funny tast 15 mins in, but went after 20 mins thankfully!

Now to see how the next days go!