Referral at last

Hiya… I registered quite a while ago when I was experiencing neurological symptoms but posted very little as I was not sure of myself. I had mentioned symptoms to GP but even when I outright asked if they could be neurological I was told it was unlikely. (However that doctor has since admitted with regard to another medical issue that he did not pass on info to a consultant as he thought " it might get better by itself" !!!)

A few years ago the first incident that made me sit up and take notice was when my left leg went weak and I had foot drop… it often felt like cold water was being poured into it too. I fell several times. It got better gradually over about 8 weeks. For the last 6 weeks the same symptoms are now affecting my right leg.

There are other episodes that happen which could be attributed to other conditions …including “my age” :slight_smile: as I approaching retirement lol … stuff like double vision ( attributed to “some sort of itis” when no physical cause found in eye), brain fog, bowel leakage, dropping things, fatigue, hot flushes ( I am 3 years post menopause). These do however seem to come in episodes rather than being consistant … and on reflection its been happening for many years.

This episode, that has combined more symptoms than the others, has now got me a referral for MRI and neurologist. So whether this will get answers or not … well that’s the question is it not lol

I am glad that you have got your referral. No one could accuse your GP of being trigger-happy on the referral front, could they? I hope that you are now on the road to getting to the bottom of things.


thank you Alison

I do hope there are answers forthcoming :slight_smile:

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