Wish my GP would take me seriously

Hi all

I have not been diagnosed with MS but 2 doctors and several friends with MS have suggested that my symptoms are pointing in that direction, my GP has reluctantly agreed to refer me to a neuro after 4 yrs & I am waiting for the appt to come through.

Symptoms are…Major balance problems…had caloric tests and confirmed damage to VIII nerve

Tremors…been going on for almost 10 yrs

Burning/tingling and numbness in my upper leg

Toe spasms

Stabbing pain in my eye socket ( rarely lasts more than a few mins)

Blurred/wonky vision ( in left eye)

Left pupil significantly larger than right

Arms and legs often feel like lead weights

Foot pain, often feels as though I am walking on a pebble beach without shoes

Any thoughts…

The normal advice would be to consider a change of GP.
Might be best to wait until your appointment comes through, though.


Hi yeah ive not been diganosed yet but like you a doctor friend and nursing friends have all said to me about seeing my gp due to my symptoms like yopu my GP is refering under a lot of pressure from me to nuro…balance problem s, visual problems, numbness and pain in arms and legs also speach. i cant understand why GP’s are so reluctant to refer you on .

Crikey! 4 years until your GP referred you to a neurologist…about time too.

See what occurs from that appointment and then if your GP is still unhelpful, think about changing, yeh?

Hope you get somewhere soon.

luv Pollx

I have seen comments that GPs have to pay for each referral they make.
Other stories sugest that they get a bonus for removing clients from consultant’s lists.

IT seems “highly likely” that there is some sort of financial incentive for not referring. (That’s what Google tells me).

I have seen this with a friend who was refused outright to be referred for an MRI. She changed her GP and wes referred for the scan on her first visit to the new GP. You will never know all the facts (might just be the rent going up) but who cares - if the practice is well enough organised, it should refer, otherwise move to one that is better managed and does care for it’s patients.


Sounds interesting Doctor Geoff. My 26 yr old daughter has a heart condition and at her last visit, despite the condition worsening, was discharged from the consultant with the statement well you can always get referred again. Great!

Seems in the age of constant cut backs we need to chose our GPs wisely. Reminds me of my fostering days - no I could not have funds for a child to see a particular therapist but I could have the funds for new bedroom equipment as that budget had not been spent.

Do hope you do not have too long to wait for an answer to your symptoms. Keep us posted. There are lots of lovely knowledgeable people on here to answer questions or just support and understand the trials and tribulations.

All I can say dora is, you have more patience than me. Your gp reluctantly agreed to refer you…bless!! I hope he/she is not too traumatised. Great advice from Geoff. Good luck with Neuro appointment :slight_smile: Take care xxx

Thanks everyone, 2 weeks since the GP agreed to refer me to neuro and still not had an appointment come through yet.

Patience is wearing thin to be honest :frowning: I will be chasing him this week !

Finally had my appointment come through…mid April !!

hi Dora, I am in the same boat as you from all aspects it would seem, my GP referred me to neuro just a couple of days ago after much pressure from about all my unexplained symptoms, although he was somewhat condescending I felt. The money issue has crossed my mind several times as I have more recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and so has my daughter, they couldn’t give enough care and attention when it came to getting this disease diagnosed and treated (even though I feel they just stumbled across this incidently in my case), in fact in my area the amount of newly diagnosed people with coeliac is astounding and raises a little curiosity to say the least. Anyway good luck with the neurologist our appointmenst will probably be around the same time and dont know about you but I am dreading they dont take me seriously either just like the GP as if there isnt enough to contend with dealing with all the symptoms and worry! good luck… Karen

Hi Karen, makes you wonder what bonuses they are getting with Coeliac diagnoses doesn’t it.I have slept soundly for 2 hours tonight but now awake with burning pains in my upper leg, waiting for ibuprofen to kick in. Good luck with your appointment, hopefully it will come through sooner than mine and we both get listened to :slight_smile:

hi Dora, yeah me too, lower leg and ankle burning/tingling! will let you know when I get my neuro app through - Karen

Crikey…4 years! That’s disgraceful, especially as you now have to wait until April for the appoinment.

I thought I had it bad enough having to wait 5 months from the onset of severe balance problems for my GP to refer me to ENT (albeit reluctantly and with a bit of pushing from me). I was lucky enough then to be sent for an MRI by ENT and then referred straight on to a Neuro by them as a result of the MRI, thus bypassing my GP completely!

I have found that, unless something is very straightforward and uncomplicated, my GP does like to kick his heels and try every other solution before referring me. In fact, I have been complaining of neck, back and leg issues for over 20 years and have NEVER had an x-ray or scan done of my spine! This is my next project, once I have been dismissed by the Neuros (sorry, that’s the cynical part of me speaking there!!!).

I have a friend who worked part-time in a GP surgery a couple of years ago, but left because she actually couldn’t cope with the way things were done and how patients were treated. She seemed to think that each surgery (or maybe GP, I’m not sure) has a monthly quota of referrals for certain tests etc, and once these are used up they can’t refer anyone for any more until the next month! I’m honestly not sure how accurate this is, but it does make you think…and does make me want to book all my appointments at the beginning of the month!!!

Dora, I really hope you manage to get sorted eventually. My advice would be to contact the Neuro’s secretary and let her know you are available for cancellations. In the meantime, if you feel your symptoms are getting worse then go back to your GP and ask him to contact the Neuro to ask for your appointment to be brought forward. This doesn’t always work, depending on how busy the clinics are (especially for new appointments, as these usually take longer than follow-ups) but is always worth a try. I have had GP, Physio and a Nurse try to bring a couple of appointments forward for me, but because of Neuros being on holiday, clinics being cancelled etc, it has never happened. Still worth a try, though, as April is quite a way off.

Good luck xx

Thanks purpledot

I will phone the neuro secretary on Monday and see if I can move it forward at all, seriously though someone had stabbed me in the leg yesterday, usually just get numbness and tingling so hope this isn’t going to happen often,evidently I went white as a ghost and my colleague thought I was going to pass out.

I had a internal auditory MRI to rule out acoustic neuroma, but my optician had specifically requested a full brain scan due to my pupil irregularity…deemed unecessary by ENT

Good luck with getting answers on your back etc, best make sure you ask your GP at the beginning of the financial year!

Hello dora

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked on the NICE website? There is interesting info regarding patient who are ? MS and guidelines for waiting times etc (six weeks) have a read if you get chance. You may want to share the info with your gp if he/she is not feeling helpful www.nice.org.uk

Thanks Blossom, I was just reading the hospital site and that says the same :slight_smile:

Hi Dora yeah my hospital is the same saying within 6 weeks id chase it if i was you april is not within the 6 weeks# speak to PALS at the hospital they may help

Hello there, I agree with other posters and would advise you change GP… 4 years for a referral is ridiculous. I had been going to a specific doctor within a practice for over 6 months, changed doctor within same practice and first day the new doc seen me, he looked at my file & current symptoms & referred me urgently to see neurologist… Under 2 months later I am now DX with MS… Just goes to show there are definite some doctors who care, and others who don’t… Good luck x

Phoned the hospital to see if I can bring my appt forward but no chance :frowning:

Oh blimey Dora, how annoying. I really feel for you…the waiting is just unbearable.

On a side note to this thread, my physio was talking about getting me referred to a Neuro hospital in London if I don’t get any joy from my current local Neuro, and then she said something like “Mind you, I’m not sure if your GP Surgery will be able to do it within their budget”. I assume, therefore, that surgeries have to pay for each referral they make, which may be why GPs are so reluctant to refer patients.