Me again

So referral for neuro last January 2023 was sent back to GP as not needing neuro input at this time. Another referral to neuro start of May. Called appointment switchboard today to say their will be no appointment and its been sent back to GP. Absolutely deflated tonight. I lost my brother last year and I think they think its all anxiety. Which some of it may be but the original referral was 7 month’s before my brother died!

Feeling like a total hypochondriac, symptoms this week are ok tingling in head and face and feet and hands. Much better than last few weeks. Had a spinal xray this week that my doctor never even mentioned got the appointment after my fall. I did fall last Friday and pulled/twisted my neck. I am sick of hearing anxiety- YES I am anxious but i have had ongoing symptoms for so long now :pensive: Doctor tomorrow to see why its been sent back.

Anxiety! Counting backwards from 3000.

Anxiety seems to be the diagnosis for just about anything a doctor doesn’t know the answer to:

Random neurological symptoms = Anxiety
Balance issues with no physical indication = Anxiety
Leg hanging off = Anxiety

Many of us could happily scream if a medical person mentions the A word in our presence. My particular ‘Anxiety’ developed 4 lesions in my spinal cord.

Don’t let them grind you down Alex23. They may have the medical degrees, but the body is yours and only you know what feels right or wrong with it.


I presume you are in the UK and under the NHS? It sounds like the neurological service for your area operates a triage system, where they filter out those people who they think are less likely to have neurological conditions or think have less serious or slow developing conditions and refer them back to their GP, and just focus on those who tick more definite neurological boxes or feel they have more urgent need. Given that quite a lot of people who do even get to see a neurologist get put on ‘wait and see’ because there isn’t enough to make a definite diagnosis at that point, the same logic seems to be used for those in your postition. Very difficult for people who have symptoms that worry them and feel their concerns are being ignored. If there were more neurologists then this wouldn’t be the case, but neurologists’ time is rationed, here in the UK, because of the severe shortage, and why they’ve adopted the triage system.

I hope your GP was able to give you more information on why you were rejected, and what the next steps might be.

I know the feeling. Still waiting for a neurologist appointment, six month waiting list, and the GP yesterday told me that the spasms I’m feeling, tinnitus, TN and balance problems. She said it could be stress… Really?

Hopefully not much longer for you. My GP is pushing it for me and trying to get scans before neuro! Hopefully getting somewhere now.

Thank you Theresa! Sorry to hear you had 4 i hope you are doing ok.

I have had my fair share of stress but actually im more stressed at the not knowing! I have had symptoms for years, so actually for me knowing would be better.

also now im finally putting my “history” together and I know something isnt right. Im 34 F I have 2 daughters 9 and 12 and an amazing hubby who thankfully get it x

So far, so good Alex23; I am starting DMT this week - Plegridy, in addition to Gabepentin & Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain that I already take, and the VitD3. Fortunately I am usually quite pragmatic about medical stuff, not much phases me there and I am still able to get about, albeit not as much as I used to due to fatigue mainly - no more scampering about like a mountain goat (my hubby’s description of the way I used to drag him around Snowdonia). I still do Taekwon-do, and achieved Black Belt despite my symptoms.

I ‘knew’ early on that I had MS - my eldest brother lived with MS for 28 years before he passed away; and once the Docs had ruled out spinal injury, bone spurs, herniated discs in the cervical neck region as the cause of my initial weird symptom(s), my mind went immediately to MS.